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Learning Connections - Our Blog dedicated to education and learning issues

developmental movement center - The Developmental Movement Center, is dedicated to the improvement of function and quality of life for children and adults with any type of non-progressive brain injury or dysfunction.

The National Autistic Society - The National Autistic Society exists to champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and to ensure that they and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs. The site includes information about autism and Asperger syndrome, and about the support and services available in the UK for: The family (incl. carers and partners), People with an autistic spectrum disorder, Professionals/researchers, Journalists.

Carmarthenshire Youth and Children's Association Online - The organisation was founded in 1981 as Llanelli Youth & Children's Association to provide out of school activities to children and young people aged 2 - 18 in numerous venues throughout the Llanelli area. To date over 200,000 children and young people have enjoyed the benefit of our organised and varied opportunities.

CandLE supplies training and assessments for practitioners and families, Learning and Communication Support for young people and adults with disabilities, and information and advice in any AAC situation.

Capacitate Cymru - The purpose of Capacitate Cymru is to help people who are economically inactive and living in Wales to return to work; in particular disabled people.

This website contains a directory of support organisations in Wales that can be used to find help with all return-to-work issues. is a social enterprise which aims to promote the regeneration and development of the area by promoting it through all forms of media, activities and events.

In the future the company intends to draw down funding to organise events in the Llanelli and district area, with any surplus funds being used in a variety of ways to further the social aims of its stakeholders, retailers and community groups.

Any surpluses that the company makes will be ploughed back into the promotion of Llanelli. We aim to work with local government and agencies to achieve our aims, and will also be asking the people of Llanelli to come forward with their ideas.

Research Autism is the only UK charity dedicated to research into interventions in autism.  We commission, carry out and support high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions. Our website which there is a link to below is one of the biggest, most up-to-date, and most reliable websites in the world for information about autism interventions. We meet various international standards, including compliance with the HonCode.

Health Unlocked is a company that offers free online communities for charities / patient organisations, where patients, their families and carers can share their health-related experiences and offer support to one another. You can learn more about the communities from our website link below.

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