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Frequently Asked Questions

Understandable answers to the questions we are asked most often regarding Autism and related brain injuries, how to recognise brain injury in your children, and about the Autism Centre and treatment. Read More >>

What is Autism?

The causes of Autism and associated disorders are a matter of great debate. Our viewpoint as to the underlying causes of autism and related disorders is presented in a simple and understandable manner. Read More >>

Symptoms of Autism

Parents often want to know how they can recognise symptoms of Autism in their own children as early as possible. What characteristics will a brain injured child typically display? Read More >>

The Delacato Method

Information about the Delacato Method for the treatment of Autistic and brain injured children, outlining the theory and methods behind their programmes of home therapy. Read More >>

Recommended Reading

Recommended books for more in-depth information about Autism and the Delacato Method. Read More >>

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